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3 August 2016,

avolon-blinds-aboutVertical blinds are still one of our most sought after window covering and have come a long way from the initial designs. They offer great durability and fit well with new modern and contemporary homes.

Vertical blinds are versatile providing some added advantages. They allow you to control the amount of light coming into the room, which ultimately can save you money.

Anyone with large sized windows will tell you that large amounts of sun can pour into the room. These rays of sun can be magnified when they pass through your glass window, damaging your furniture and carpets.

Installing vertical blinds helps you reduce the amount of sunrays coming into the room at various parts of the day and provide you with complete control over privacy and glare. During the summer months you will save on electricity and air conditioning costs. In winter, you can keep the heat in.

When you choose your vertical blinds to be mindful of the material you choose, as today you have options of aluminium, PVC, plastic and fabric. All these options come in a variety of colours for a sleek, modern design for your room.

Looking after your verticals is simple, as they are vertical the dust just about slides off so maintenance is almost non-existent. You also have the option of no chains so there are no more tangles if there is a breeze.

Deluxe Sonray Blinds offer two options of either cord or wand operation with various track options too. If you are looking for blinds in Narellan area, we are the right company to provide with it. We also service blinds in Campbelltown, Liverpool and Macarthur

With removable blades, you can easily update your fabrics and colours without breaking the budget.

Who said verticals were boring!

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