Clients who require shutters for external areas such as verandas, balconies and patios cannot go past Son-Ray Blinds’ Aluminium Plantation Shutters.

These beautifully engineered shutters offer many benefits. For instance, because they’re made from aluminium-stainless steel composite materials, then powder coated and baked enamelled, they are so sturdy they provide security and protection. And because the blades shut straight, these shutters form the perfect barrier to Australia’s harsh heat, wind and rain conditions, thus providing an ideal living space all year-round.

Other benefits of Aluminium Plantation Shutters:

  • come in various blade profiles
  • are available with electronic or manual control
  • are resistant to warping, cracking and breaking
  • can be installed as hinged, sliding or multi-fold
  • adaptable to pergolas, balustrades, and wall facades
  • made to order
  • are Australian Standards approved
  • are very competitively priced

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The benefits of Aluminium Window shutters

What are aluminium window shutters?

Aluminium shutters are precisely what they sound like- window shutters made out of aluminium which provides to your house a series of benefits. Aluminium window shutters are rather popular and you will easily find one style that suits your house perfectly. They also can be used for business in industrial and commercial environments.

The main advantages

To begin with, aluminium is definitely a tough material that will last longer, and then you do not need to worry about replacing it anytime soon, also it is quite resistant to damage and offering an extra level of security to your house because exterior aluminium shutters cannot be trespassed that easily.

Lastly, they will help you to avoid unwanted light and noise inside your home. These advantages make aluminium shutters a worthy long-term investment with many features including decorating your house.

Buying Shutters

In addition, when buying an aluminium shutter you need a reliable provider such as Son Ray Blinds that will provide high-quality products manufactured from the best materials and offering a reasonable price for it. Also, when installing the shutters at your home our experienced tradesman will do an impeccable service.