Why not add another layer of protection to your home by installing security screen doors? Son Ray Blinds offers five different styles – all of which effectively deter thieves, who are unable to cut or pry open the sturdy mesh.

Our security screens can be custom-made to fit doors of any size and style, giving you the best of both worlds – maximum security and contemporary style.

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The benefits of security screen doors:

Our doors provide optimal security, but that’s not all. Save money on air conditioning in the summer, by leaving panels open and letting the air flow through the wire mesh – which keeps bugs away. The glass panels also reduce solar heat gain or loss.

Add value to your home by taking advantage of our aesthetically pleasing doors, which come in a variety of designs.

Choose the best style for your property:

Secure Hinged Doors

  • Available in a range of colours and styles
  • Enhances light and air flow through your home
  • Unique screw-clamp technology
  • 3-point locking and hinging system

Sliding Security Doors

  • Creates a sense of open space in your home
  • Available in double or triple sliding screens
  • 3-point locking and hinging system
  • Optional mid-rails to make door even stronger

French Security Doors

  • 3-point locking and hinging system
  • Doors can open inward or outward
  • Choose from small or large panelling
  • Panels available in vast array of colours

Stacker Doors

  • Stylish, streamlined appearance
  • Gliding panels enhance natural light and sense of space
  • 3-point locking and hinging system
  • Panels can conveniently stack to the left or right

Bi-Fold Security Doors

  • Adaptable folding doors enhance internal space
  • Head-to-sill intermediate locking system boosts durability
  • Doors fold to the inside or outside
  • Easy entry and exit is possible through a single panel