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20 September 2016,

home-banner-2You have many options when deciding on a window treatment. One of those options are Plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are attractive, elegant shutters that adds character to your home. Modelled after the plantation windows of the American south, these shutters offer an interior window covering that not only looks great, but also offer a variety of additional benefits.

Plantation shutters are wide louvered (slats) shutters made from a variety of quality materials. Two of the more popular types are Thermopoly and Basswood.

Top Materials

Thermopoly is an aluminum/poly-resin material that is lightweight, elegant, and durable with a smooth finish. They are extremely moisture resistant, making them ideal for bathroom or kitchen installation. Homes along the coast likewise are well-suited, as the shutters handle the moist, ocean air better than traditional wooden shutters.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, Thermopoly shutters are also heat-stable, meaning they do not expand or warp, even under constantly fluctuating heat and humidity.

Basswood is a lightweight, yet resilient hardwood. It is a straight wood with consistent texture and very little grain. Basswood has been used for centuries and is among one of the most popular woods for fine wood sculpting due to its beauty and durability. In fact, many of those sculptures are still around today!

As a shutter, basswood is easily sanded and finished. It may be painted or stained and holds up remarkably well in adverse temperatures due to its grain. While no wood is 100% resistant to warping, basswood is among the most warp-resistant shutters available.

Why Plantation Shutters?

There are many reasons why plantation shutters are a great fit for your home. Beyond looking beautiful, plantation shutters also offer:

  • Durability: Interior shutters offer the same light, view, and privacy benefits as exterior shutters, but on the inside of your home where they are less exposed to the elements.
  • Easy Cleaning: The large slats of plantation shutters makes for more surface area, making them easy to clean and dust. In some cases, a quick pass with a damp cloth is all that is needed.
  • Energy Saving: The large slats are wonderful for blocking out the warming rays of the sun in the hotter months. In colder months, plantation shutters offer far superior insulation to other window treatment options such as blinds.
  • Increased Property Value: Adding shutters to your home is often seen as an improvement which may add to the property value of your home.

Your New Shutters Await!

Plantation shutters are an elegant addition to your home with benefits that extend far beyond the aesthetic. If you think plantation shutters are right for you, call us today! Don’t wait! These shutters won’t last long and orders need to be received NOW for installation by Christmas!

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