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16 March 2017,

Pantone-Color-of-the-Year-2017-Greenery-StandardsCongratulations to Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year: Greenery (15-0343)! Green is all the rage this year for interior design, especially when it comes to window coverings and blinds.

Green is “Earthy”

This year it seems that everyone has the same desire: to plant their roots in nature again. So, it’s no surprise that many also would want to incorporate the lovely earthy tones of green into their homes.

Green is an incredible earth tone that can convey so much feeling. Both energising and calming, incorporating green colours and hues into your home can bring forth both a lively and soothing affect to any space.

Green (and greenery) is also a great way to give your home a dash of personality. Because green can be incorporated into your home in so many ways, there is such a vast range of options as to how you can give your home a look that matches your personality

A gentle touch of some potted plants or succulents placed on a window sill, with green window treatments or blinds can add a nice homey effect to any space.

Brighten Up the Inside

If you live in a location that doesn’t see too much of Earth’s lovely green (think: apartment, city, etc.) it’s so simple to add some earthy accents to your home by selecting green as a focus colour. You can find green in so many different shades, including the Colour of the Year: Greenery, it’s nearly effortless to add some stylish touches to your home without breaking the bank.

Green blinds in the window are lovely for both sunny days and dreary days. Green blinds can be soft enough to still let in some of the sun’s natural light, or they can be dark enough to maintain control over the light in the room. Whatever your preference, green can deliver.

Feel the Outside

Being in a room with green accents is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors into your home. Green is not so dark that you need to turn on lights to feel alive, but it’s also not so bright that it’s blinding. By incorporating such a natural color into your living space, you’ll feel refreshed and energised at any time of day.

Don’t be shy about taking this year’s trendy colour and giving your own twist! There are so many unique and creative ways you can incorporate Greenery into your home.

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