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27 October 2016,

dual-roller-blinds-05Combining best of both worlds, the double roller blinds feature a sunscreen roller blind for ultimate protection from the coming heat during the day and a complete blockout for privacy at night.

Whilst the transparent sunscreen roller helps keep the heat out, it still allows you complete privacy during day while preserving your view. With many colours and fabrics to choose from, the double roller blinds provide you with a unique look to your room, delivered with your specific measurements to fit anywhere you need them.

Conveniently fit two blinds into one bracket for a functional and affordable window covering. Dual roller blinds offer you great versatility during the day for natural light to filter into the room and complete darkness for the night. A great fit for the bedroom so you get a good nights rest.

Our double roller blinds allow you to enjoy your privacy at home or in the office, providing you with a sense of security and protection. You can see out but nobody can see in!

The choice is yours, keep both rollers down for ultimate privacy or just use the sheer blind for a subtle look and feel.

Caring for these blinds is very simple. To remove a dirt mark, just dissolve a mild detergent in lukewarm water and gently apply to the affected area with a clean cloth.

We know choosing colours can be tricky so we come to you with all our swatches. Having the ability to hold swatches up against your walls and furnishings help make the decision process a little easier.

Be spoilt for choice and create a unique design for your living space or office. Double Rollers will definitely leave an impact in your room.

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