Vertical Blinds

The Vertical Blind range is one of the most sought-after options, not only for the durability of these blinds, but also because they are so adaptable to contemporary building styles – such as expansive windows or windows with narrow reveals, or windows located in high and difficult to reach areas.

Some of the outstanding features which have made these low-cost blinds so popular include:

  • year-round control of insulation, light, temperature and UV penetration
  • constant updating of fabric styles, colours and textures to suit and complement today’s innovative décor and diversity of window shapes
  • simple to operate with traditional chords or contemporary rigid wands for easy control of ventilation, light and privacy
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • resistant to scratching, scuffing, peeling, fading and corrosion making them very hard- wearing and long-lasting
  • easy to install
  • made from quality components, including fire retardant properties and child safety features

This range offers numerous attractive features and benefits, including:

  • complete control over light, glare and privacy
  • huge colour/pattern selection, ensuring you will find exactly what you are looking for to complement your décor and particular style
  • blockout and sheer/translucent fabrics
  • rigid PVC options
  • choice of various widths: 63mm, 89mm, 100mm and 127mm

The Vertical Blind range comes with:

  • removable blades – perfect for when you want to change the colour of your blinds to give your room a brand new, fresh look
  • various track options
  • casual or formal pelmet fabrics
  • bottom weights

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Tips for caring for vertical blinds:
  • dust regularly and use a mild detergent to spot-clean and remove dirt marks