15 June 2016
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15 June 2016,

We’ve all heard that proper insulation can help reduce your energy costs in the winter. But did you know that choosing the proper blinds can help as well? Trends in popular window treatments vary from year to year or even season to season but one thing that’s always trendy is saving money on your energy bills. Below we’ll show you a few popular blind styles and how they can help cut your energy costs this winter.

Block-Out Roller Blinds – Block out blinds are specifically designed to provide heat insulation as well as prevent sunlight from entering the room, making it an attractive choice for nurseries, home theaters, darkrooms, and more. During the winter the insulating effect helps keep the room warm while in the summer the block-out effect prevents the sun from warming the room uncomfortably.

Venetian Blinds – Venetians are always popular blind choices due to their versatility and variety but they’re also useful during the summer and winter months. Because you can adjust the slats in your blinds to control the amount of light and heat entering the room, closed blinds can reduce heat gain by as much as 45% in the summer months but the same trick works in the winter as well! Leave the blinds open during the day and let the sunlight in to warm up the room. When you return home later, close the blinds to help insulate the heat. Another neat trick? Use reflective blinds to angle the sunlight toward a dark surface (such as a carpet or piece of furniture). The dark colour will absorb the heat and help warm the room throughout the day.

Dual-Blinds – Dual Blinds offer a little of both worlds. Dual blinds typically feature two separate blinds in one: a thinner, lighter coloured blind allows sunlight to enter while the light colour helps cut down on heat and glare and a darker blind which offers better glare and heat protection as well as more privacy. Because you can choose your preference, dual blinds allow greater versatility when controlling just how much light and heat you would like to enter the room. Leave the heavier blind up during the day to let the light in, then close it in the evening to help keep the warmth in.

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